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Alice Walter & Deb Hopkins
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1020 E. 17th Street - Burley, Idaho  83318
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Celebrating 15 Years!

We're excited to be sharing 15 years of the Wonder Cut Ruler with all our quilting friends!

In honor of reaching this milestone, we are having a special sale!

Check it out!  For a limited time only!

Wonder Cut Ruler - $15 + postage
Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler - $15 + postage
Back to Basics - The Wonder Cut Ruler Way - $15 + postage
Quilts of the Albion Valley - $15 + postage

When you order, just mention "15 Years" to qualify for this special sale!


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  Wonder Cut Ruler Directions  Wonder Cut Triangle Directions
  Read Easy Rulers
  Wonder Cut Triangle Quilt Gallery
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  Virtual Retreats
  Back to Basics-The Wonder Cut Ruler Way
  Wonder Cut Retreats
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  Wonder Cut Ruler Quilt Gallery
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 Quilts of the Albion Valley
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Just what is the Wonder Cut Ruler??

The Wonder Cut Ruler is the ultimate ruler to use when making  half-square triangles , or three-part squares, or even four-part squares perfect every time!  No paper to peel, no fabric points to get stuck in the feed dogs of your sewing machine, and best of all, no math to fuss with.  The Wonder Cut Ruler has all the math included in its exclusive design.  If you can sew a 1/4" seam, you can make a perfect half-square triangle every time.  Did I mention the Wonder Cut Ruler was fast?  We knew using the ruler made making half-square triangles fast, but just how fast is fast?  Try 130 in an hour from fabric on the bolt, to half-squares pressed open.  We believe that no other ruler on the market can make that claim.


  Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler!
We are proud to introduce our second ruler, the Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler. Be sure to check out the many different ways to use this ruler.  Click here for directions on how to use this ruler.  We have also started a Wonder Cut Triangle Quilt Gallery  so you can see just what we are talking about. 

Tumbling Blocks Pattern! 
It's finally here!  The pattern everyone has been asking about.  You can make this traditional pattern using strips of fabric.  No set-in seams!  Honest!  Click here to order the pattern

Our Books!

Take a look at our first book "Back to Basics - The Wonder Cut Ruler Way".   We've included a baker's dozen of patterns -- from the basics to the more advanced for quilters who enjoy a little challenge.  The book sells for $18.00 (US funds) plus $1.60 postage within the US and its territories.   Idaho residents must add 6% sales tax.  For a closer look - click   Back to Basics - The Wonder Cut Ruler Way.

Our second book is called "Quilts of the Albion Valley."  We've included 12 patterns for both the Wonder Cut Ruler and the Wonder Cut Triangle Ruler.  For a closer look - click Quilts of the Albion Valley.  This book sells for $18.00 (US funds) plus $1.60 postage within the US and its territories.  Idaho residents must add 6% sales tax. 

How the ruler came to be ....
Like most quilting tools on the market today, the Wonder Cut Ruler was designed to fill a void.  It all started when we were playing with a new design for our Mystery Classes we teach at our local quilt shop.  We had three goals in mind when we started the monthly Mystery Classes:  1) teach a new method; 2) keep it simple; and 3) make it fast!  We wanted to make a quilt entirely of half-square triangles, but every method we tried was just too time consuming.  With the help from "Stan the Man" (husband/father), our new ruler was born.  Before we took it to be manufactured, we had the help of four great local quilters test and re-test the ruler.  To those four quilters (Betty, Judy, Marianne, and Verna) we say "Thank you.  We couldn't have done it without you!"

How you can own your own Wonder Cut Ruler ....
The Wonder Cut Ruler sells for $20.50 (US funds) plus shipping ($4.50).  Idaho residents (yeppers, we are out here in the wild, wild west) must add 6% sales tax.  The Wonder Cut Ruler can be ordered by sending a check or money order to:

    Alice Walter
    Walter Times Two
    1020 E. 17th Street
    Burley, ID  83318

OR by contacting us at

Additional Options

Doing some shopping for that special quilter friend?  Just tuck a note in with your payment giving us the name and address of who we should send the ruler to, and we will gift wrap it and mail it for you at no extra charge.  The Wonder Cut Ruler makes a great secret sister gift.

What makes the Wonder Cut Ruler so special?
We took a whole new look at making half-square triangles and developed an entirely different method behind our ruler called "pre-sewing".  To take a closer look at this method and how the Wonder Cut Ruler works, please click here.

Not convinced yet?
Check out the quilts being made with the Wonder Cut Ruler.  As new quilts become available, I will post them to this page.  (*hint* *hint* - send us jpg's and we'll be proud to post them).  Wonder Cut Ruler Quilts

Virtual Retreats (kind of like a Mystery Quilt)
We've added a couple of virtual retreats for our Yahoo Group List, but you can join us if you like.  Here's the link to our first one:   Virtual Retreat #1

Here's the link to our second one:  Virtual Retreat #2

String Piecing?  With the Wonder Cut Ruler?  You betcha!!
It's as easy as pie!  Honest.  Check out our new section for a totally new way to use the Wonder Cut Ruler.   String Piecing the Wonder Cut Ruler Way

Wonder Cut Ruler Free Patterns
Our latest addition is Wonder Cut Ruler Free Patterns.  We will continue to add to this section as patterns become available, so bookmark this page and check back often to see what's new.  Wonder Cut Ruler Free Patterns

Wonder Cut Ruler Border Ideas
We keep adding to our site.  Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions and ideas.  We've put together a quick reference page for ideas on adding a little zip to your quilts.  We think you will be surprised at the results.  Wonder Cut Ruler Border Ideas

Wonder Cut Ruler Tablerunner Ideas
Tablerunners make great last-minute gifts.  They are also a great way to try out a block you've been wanting to make, but maybe are just a little hesitant to commit to making a whole quilt with them.    Try making them out of novelty fabrics for a great seasonal look.   Wonder Cut Ruler Tablerunners

 Frequently Asked Questions
We've added a page just for those FAQ's.  If your question isn't addressed here, please drop us a line and we'll do our best to answer it.  Frequently Asked Questions

Read Easy Rulers!  
We've been at the drawing board again!  Proudly introducing our Read Easy Rulers!   Be sure and check them out by clicking here!

A Little Bit About Us

A company called Walter Times Two and Idaho's Brightest Stars
I guess you could call this simply our two cents worth.  
About Us
Interested in seeing more of our quilts?  Check out my corner of the world.  Welcome to Quiltie's .
Our favorite links can be found here -    Wonder Cut Ruler Links


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